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We work with important brand's suppliers such as:

Our services

Our sourcing team supports you on the searching of almost any product or raw material worldwide.

The sourcing service we offer complies with a high standard supplier selection, which allows us to deliver products that match with the requirements previously set by our customers.

Our commitment is to provide reliable licensed suppliers capable of manufacture and /or commercialize the goods you are looking for.

Everything begins with the customer, when he brings up an idea or asks for a specific product or raw material.

Our team finds the suppliers through:

  • Fairs and exhibitions.
  • Business directories.
  • Chamber of commerce.
  • Mexico Embassy.
  • International agents.
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We help you with the elaboration of your project from the beginning to the end: If you want to import or export goods but don’t count on official tax ID, legal entity or importation patent, call us! Together we will make your project possible, whatever your need is.


  • Immediate Movement of the Goods
  • Size Shaped Business
  • Reliable Suppliers


  • Take the role of the legal importer or exporter in Mexico.
  • Be responsible of custom clearance, taxes and other regulation entities.
  • Comply with all regulations and controls according to the law.
  • To provide the Mexican authorities all the patents and licenses in order to perform a correct customs clearance and deliver the merchandise to its final destination.
  • Communicate with the customers and all the parties involved so that the transaction flows faster and saves cost.
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We like to provide full logistic solutions to our customers. Our assignment is to coordinate cargo of merchandise, customs clearance and shipping for delivery.

s2The last process so you can get your goods at your door is the international freight, from origin to destination: once the production is confirmed to be finished we coordinate the shipping either air, maritime or ground. We count with a strategic alliance with “OBS Logística Empresarial”, logistics experts, and working together we can guarantee your imports.

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With more than 10 years of experience in the commercial management with suppliers and customers abroad, we have generated business opportunities allowing the introduction of certain products and brands into our national market.

Allow us to be your ally in the quest of  that product or service that your company requires from the global market. It is our pleasure to be part of your strategic supply chain. We value your effort and work philosophy, so it is that we make it an essential part of our process.

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