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We are a Mexican company, located in the state of Guanajuato with more than 15 years of experience in commercial management processes between national and foreign suppliers and clients; We have generated business opportunities for the introduction of products and brands in the national market. Where our main labor is to create commercial alliances with the whole world, always looking for the most competitive product, aiming at the full satisfaction of our clients.


I-Deal Sourcing & Trading was founded in 2004 due to the demand of suppliers for the outstanding industry of the city of San Francisco del Rincon; Hats.


Our first line of business was to offer a comprehensive import service, which consisted in searching for reliable suppliers, doing negotiation process, consolidating the container to optimize costs, and releasing and dispatching it to deliver it to the doors of the company of our clients.


We entered into the importation of motorcycles, cell phone accessories and sustainable products for home, also business with the main objective of providing complete import and supply solutions.

In response to the high demand for raw material for the hat industry, we decided to integrate the marketing of hood / hat helmet into our services, which, until now, continue in market due to the quality of the products and the supply network that we have generated with our clients.


Thank to the footwear industry stand out in the region, we integrate raw materials, machinery and accessories into our import offer and, as commercialization, LEDs and all accessories for footwear.


This is how, 17 years after its foundation, we position ourselves as a local company, with a significant number of companies served in areas such as logistics, product development and / or suppliers and marketing of supply solutions for the industry and commerce of the Bajio region.


We are a Mexican company dedicated to creating supply solutions, linking global markets with local businesses, offering comprehensive import products and services.


To be a company recognized for contributing in the offer of import solutions and products for supply chain in the industrial corridor of the Bajío.


Transparency. Commitment to perform our functions clearly and legally. Safety. Provide our clients with certainty of a quality service. Customer service. Understand our client necessities, provide quality and effectiveness. Professionalism. Offer decent, honest and responsible behavior.

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