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- Express Shipping 24/7 -

We have air express delivery service to receive or send products that are urgently needed (samples, material for fairs, high value products, spare parts and / or material to finish production on time). Taking as benefits the safety, speed and reduction of costs in storage since the merchandise is loaded directly in the air traffic warehouse. We have a global network with more than 40,000 airports around the world, where the most important thing is the time factor. HOW IS IT DONE?
  1. Customer request, information gathering: Name, company data, product or merchandise characteristics, dimensions and weight of merchandise.
  2. Our team carries out shipping planning in a professional and safe way in the handling of the product by air and land, making sure that the merchandise travels safely arriving at the agreed destination.
  3. We have two modes for this shipment: – Goods export service that lasts 5 to 7 days in transit and delivery. – Merchandise import service that lasts from 7 to 10 days in transit, release and delivery, during this process the package is monitored and tracked.


We create commercial alliances in a professional and safe way for the creation of projects that generate the development of national companies.


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