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Sourcing & Trading We promise that your purchase travels safely, delivering it to the doors of your company Sourcing We have the search service for any product, raw material or machinery around the world Trading We act as an intermediary between supplier and client offering a complete import service in Mexico Import We are dedicated to implementing integral import solutions to our clients Consolidation It is a merchandise grouping service. Using this import model, rates are obtained for cargo volume



We offer searching service for products, raw materials and machinery around the world, making sure to find the right item based on the needs of your company. Our commitment is that you have the warranty that your purchase is insured with international supplier, offering the transparency in the service and the professionalism that distinguishes our team.


We have the official registration of importers, acting as the legal importer in Mexico; we are responsible in customs, taxes and other regulatory authorities. We make sure that your merchandise travels safely and that upon entering the country, we will be responsible for its release and corresponding customs clearance, delivering it to the doors of your company.


We support the development of import projects from start to finish, if you want to enter merchandise into Mexico, but you do not have a fiscal and physical presence and don’t count with official registration of importers, we provide the integral service.


If you want to import from different suppliers or in quantities less than the full cargo volume; We help to save logistics costs, in order to pay only for the space and weight used the container.

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Success story of our clients

They are a great supplier, very important to us and very good in terms
of response time to quotes and deliveries. Excellent quality service in the products.


We have already been working with I-Deal Sourcing & Trading for many years,
we have been improving the commercial relationship thanks to trust, honesty and communication.



    We create commercial alliances in a professional and safe way for the creation of projects that generate the development of national companies.

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