I-Deal Sourcing & Trading


- Import -

We empower SMEs with a strategic supply chain, achieving significant improvements in time and form as reliable and punctual suppliers. We are dedicated to implementing integral import solutions to our clients, such as:
  • Commercial management: Negotiation, shipment of purchase order, supplier payments, confirming production and shipment dates.
  • Quality control: To ensure the quality of the purchase, we have the support to certify that your merchandise is in good hands based on.
  • Company verification: We visit foreign companies, production facilities and check reliable suppliers.
  • Quality control of merchandise: Since the merchandise is in production, we request random samples to be sure that your production is safe and without any concern once it reaches its destination.
  • Shipping inspection: Before boarding in the country of origin, we request a review of materials, volume and agreed weight to avoid delay or conflicts in Mexican customs.


We create commercial alliances in a professional and safe way for the creation of projects that generate the development of national companies.


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