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International Sourcing

- International Sourcing -

We have the search service for any product, raw material or machinery around the world, generating a commercial network with reliable suppliers, this through a detailed selection of foreign companies that adapt to the needs and specifications of our clients.



  1. Customer request, information gathering such as name, company data, production capacity, specific characteristics of merchandise, volume, proof of purchase and investment budget.
  2. Our team carries out the search in a professional and safe way, through a process and specific trustworthy filtering, we make sure we have between 3 or 5 suppliers, we request the quote, send photos / data of the requirement and with this, the negotiation on costs is carried out , production dates and minimums and maximums of purchase.
  3. The results obtained from the search are presented to the client.
  4. If you already have a trusted supplier, our team will take care of making contact and the corresponding negotiation with your supplier for the purchase and import of the requested merchandise.
  5. A final quote is made that includes: invoice value, taxes, customs law, maneuvering in port if required and ground freight. So we show transparent data and costs.


We create commercial alliances in a professional and safe way for the creation of projects that generate the development of national companies.


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