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We act as an intermediary between supplier and client offering a complete import service in Mexico: being responsible in customs for the release and custom clearence of your merchandise, in addition to ensuring that it travels safely and is delivered at the doors of your company on time. WHAT IS THE PROCESS?
  1. Client request: We begin the process with the collection of information about our client and the merchandise that he wishes to acquire abroad, such as specifications for use and physical characteristics.
  2. Search: Our team carries out the process of contact with suppliers according to the request and we offer the client three to five supplier options, sharing the specifications and virtues of each one of them, thus facilitating their selection process.
  3. Acceptance: Once the project is accepted by the client, a total quotation is made, where we include the price of the merchandise, taxes, maneuvers and freight.
  4. Advance payment: Once we receive advance from the client, the purchase or production process of the product begins, we negotiate time and place of delivery and receive documentation for its export abroad.
  5. Transit: We check the journey of the merchandise from its exportation in the foreign country to its arrival in Mexico.
  6. Clearance: Once arrives in the country, we manage the customs clearance process and the transportation to the address indicated by our client.


We create commercial alliances in a professional and safe way for the creation of projects that generate the development of national companies.


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